The program exceeded all my expectations and was exactly what I was looking for. I hope to be able to go back soon because NYSD felt like home.
— Laura P., Class of Winter 2016

Program Overview

NYSD’s innovative approach to a fashion design education uses hands-on training to teach industry standard technical skills and create a fast-track toward a career in fashion design. The 9 month Fashion Design track consists of two tiers: Foundations, which teaches students introductory design skills, and Certificate, where students dive deeper into design and start constructing garments.

Our instructors are industry professionals who create an inspirational learning environment where fashion design students learn real and relevant industry skills including design development, textiles and color application, fashion illustration, garment construction, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

NYSD students will graduate with a solid understanding the design process and garment construction, as well as with a sold portfolio essential for a career in fashion design.

Admission Requirements

  • There is no previous fashion design work or education requirement for entry into the Foundations program.
  • Students must hold a high school diploma or GED certificate at minimum. If you don’t have either, ask us about the Ability to Benefit (ATB) test.
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in English.

Upcoming Start Dates

August 22nd (Evening)
September 4th (Day)

2019 Academic Calendar

February 27th (Daytime)
April 10th (Evening)
June 25th (Daytime)
August 27th (Evening)
September 18th (Daytime)

Fashion Design Foundations

For students with little or no experience, the Fashion Design Foundations course is a prerequisite for Fashion Design Certificate. Foundations teaches the introductory skills needed to complete the Certificate course and develop further as a fashion designer.

Classes in the Foundations tier can be taken as standalone courses for professional or personal development, or if a student feels they need additional preparation in only one or two areas before enrolling in the Certificate tier.

Level: Beginner
Course Length: 7 weeks


Introduction to Sewing
Introduction to Digital Fashion Illustration
Introduction to Fashion Illustration

Fashion Design Certificate

In Fashion Design Certificate, students start to turn their design ideas into reality. We give students a solid grounding in design concepts to ensure there’s always substance behind the style and teach the technical skills needed to grow in the industry. Students will finish the Certificate course with 4 completed garments, a mini-portfolio, moodboard, and the ability to move on to our Professional course or complete a design internship.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Course Length: 7 months


Elements & Principles of Fashion Design
Fabric & Color Theory
Fashion Illustration
Digital Fashion Illustration
Fashion Portfolio


Our Instructors

Our team of educators include professionals from the industry who are committed to nurturing the next generation of designers. Our instructors for the fashion design program are patternmakers, costume designers, merchandisers, stylists, and fashion designers among many more. You’ll gain industry contacts just by attending class!  


Our Students

Many of our students come from backgrounds outside of fashion design and do not know where to begin this journey. That’s where we come in. We provide the support and help lead our students to achieving their goals. By the end of the program, they are amazed at how much they’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.  

Next Steps


Program Snapshot

Evening/Weekend or Day
Certificate Program
Career Guidance
Payment Plan Options

8/20 Fall (Eve)
9/4 Fall (Day)

2/27 Spring (Day)
4/10 Spring (Eve)
6/25 Summer (Day)
8/27 Fall (Eve)
9/18 Fall (Day)