Student Life 



WE'RE A FAMILY HERE. Once a part of NYSD, always a part of NYSD.

Student Engagement

NYSD offers a variety of ways for you to become an active member of the community and interact with your classmates. 


Students and faculty get together to participate in exciting projects, go on city group tours, explore museums, attend different sporting events and other exciting activities New York has to offer. 


NYSD holds monthly events and workshops for student engagement and professional development. 


Students have the opportunity to give back to the community and help assist our next generation of designers in various workshops and seminars on arts and fashion design within inner city schools. 


Guest speakers of various backgrounds hold workshops and presentations that focus on helping students build their professional careers and business plans. 

Space to Grow

Our school is open to students of NYSD to work on projects or perfect their skills. Alumni of NYSD are also welcome to come back - not just to say hi but also to use our space as a launchpad for their career.


NYSD provides an intimate atmosphere in a pre-war loft that was once a garment factory. The studios are equipped with industrial sewing machines and cutting tables available for students to work on projects, homework, and perfecting their skills. The computer lab of 20 touch screen computers are loaded with the latest Adobe Suite programs. 


The library holds fashion design, graphic design, and art related books that are available to students for reference. NYSD enrolled students are welcome to check out books on a first come first serve basis for up to two weeks at a time.   


Since many of the classes are held in the evenings, we understand the needs of our working students and have allocated a space for students to eat and take a break. Students are encouraged to eat in the student lounge and not in the classrooms.

Resources for First Time New Yorkers


Although we do not have on campus housing, we do have great connections to student housing facilities that will make your student experience in New York City one that is welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable.

Education Housing Services

EHS has dormitory housing for students studying at various colleges and universities. They offer options for single, double or triple living spaces with 24 hour security.  Call them at (800) 297-4694. 

Student Housing Works

Student Housing Works has partnered with different real estate managements firms through New York City that allows you to live in safe personal student housing. Speak with a representative at (908) 977- 6253.


CampusSIMs SIM cards are distributed to every international student who has been accepted to our programs. CampusSIMs allows international students to make international and domestic calls once entering in United States. There is no contract required and hassle-free mobile plans designed for the convenience of international students.


NYSD has over the years collected a list of our favorite places to shop for fabrics, trims, buttons, etc. in the garment district.  These stores visited by local designers abroad have everything you need for your classes at NYSD and beyond!